Genuine Tricolor Cowhide Rug Approx. 6 x 7-8 ft.

$ 340.00 Original price was: $ 340.00.$ 165.00Current price is: $ 165.00.
  • Each of our hair-on cowhides is carefully handpicked by our experienced teams in Brazil and Colombia.
  • The pictures in this listing are sample pictures and may not represent the exact cowhide rug you will receive. However, we ensure that the cowhides we deliver are very similar to the one pictured.
  • Please note that you may find small marks, scars, or branding on the cowhide rug, as they are natural characteristics of the material.
  • The size of the cowhide rug may vary by up to 0.5 ft. as we sell genuine cowhide rugs.
  • Please expect slight variations in color or pattern, as these are inherent qualities of natural cowhide.

Introducing our Genuine Tricolor Cowhide Rug, a stunning piece that effortlessly combines nature’s beauty with exceptional craftsmanship. Measuring approximately 6 x 7-8 feet, this rug showcases the unique patterns and rich hues found in natural cowhide. Each rug is meticulously hand-selected to ensure superior quality and visual appeal. The tricolor pattern features a captivating blend of warm browns, creamy whites, and deep blacks, creating a harmonious and visually striking design. As a natural product, each rug boasts its own distinct markings, guaranteeing that no two rugs are exactly alike.


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$ 340.00 Original price was: $ 340.00.$ 165.00Current price is: $ 165.00.