Brown Leather Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment

$ 299.00 $ 159.00
  • Material: Crafted from supple, premium-quality original  leather in a rich Vintage Brown tone,
  • this bag features exquisite leather accents. While it boasts durability and a luxurious feel,
  • it may be slightly heavier for women, weighing approximately 2.8 pounds.
  • Size: This spacious bag measures 50cm x 32cm x 25cm (LHD) or 20” x 12.6” x 10” (LHD),
  • making it perfect for a weekend getaway or a 4 to 5-day trip for a single individual.
  • Shoe Compartment: A standout feature is the large, flat separate compartment designed specifically to accommodate shoes, toiletry bags, or any other items you prefer to keep separate.
  • This ensures convenience and organization during your travels.



Original Leather Travel Duffel Carry On Weekender Overnight Bag for Men and Women

Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted from genuine leather, this duffle bag showcases the skill and attention to detail of our artisans. The high-quality leather ensures durability, allowing the bag to age beautifully and develop a rich patina over time.

Spacious Design: With dimensions of 50cm x 32cm x 25cm (LHD) or 20” x 12.6” x 10” (LHD), this bag offers generous space to accommodate your belongings for a weekend getaway or a short trip. It provides ample room for your clothes, accessories, and other essentials.

Timeless Style: The original leather duffle bag epitomizes sophistication. Its sleek and minimalist design effortlessly complements any outfit or travel style, making it a versatile choice for both formal and casual occasions.

Functional Features: Designed with convenience in mind, this duffle bag features sturdy handles and a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying options. The spacious main compartment allows for efficient packing, while the exterior pockets provide quick access to smaller items.

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